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Running the watch with GPS

GPS is critical to measuring your running performance correctly. With GPS, you can see the speed of your walk (the pace) and the distance you have covered on the screen. After that, you can see the route you are on the map. You can also learn more about the running process that is running. Consider your average speed, top speed and best speed. The data you collect over a long period of time will leave you with an impression of progress. In this way, you can train according to your goals.

You can measure with the app on your smartphone, but it's even better if your sports watch or smart watch already has GPS. You can save extra weight while running.

How do we test GPS?

Almost all sports watches have built-in GPS, as well as most smart watches and some extensive activity trackers. We tested GPS on a 1 km route. Intensive afforestation and underpasses are a challenging test for GPS signals. A watch with extensive operational measurements was replica watches tested where its accuracy was determined during 5 km operation.

In our comparator, you can see the scores of sports watches, smart watches and activity trackers on GPS in the test results. Tests have shown that some smart watches and activity trackers score very high on GPS.

Measuring heart rate

The second important feature of running watches is the heart rate monitor. This shows that you are much more busy. You can increase or decrease your speed based on your heart rate. Many runners follow an alternating heavier and lighter training program. They often use classifications based on heart rate zones: Zone 1 represents the lightest effort and Zone 5 represents the heaviest. Seeing your heart rate while walking helps you stick to the plan.

How do we test the heart rate monitor?

Heart Rate Measurements Most sports watches in smart watch testing have a built-in heart rate monitor that measures your heart rate through your wrist. In addition, smart watches and integrated practice activity trackers usually have a heart monitor. Many sports watches can be paired with a loose heart rate monitor that you must wear around your chest.

Sports watches and activity trackers with heart rate monitors have been extensively tested in the laboratory with test subjects. When walking on the tire, the accuracy of the heart rate measurement was tested, among other things.

In our comparator, you can see the scores of the sports watch, Best smartwatch and activity tracker on the heart rate monitor in the test results.